I was born with a nostalgic voice, this is who would listen to my voice would say even at such a very young age. As I grew older my voice matured and realized it was true what they say, as I found myself easily connected to the music of The Retro Golden Era. I embrace music just as music embraced me and was drawn and entrenched into the melodies of the nostalgic era of Bollywood for her purity of music and meaningful lyrics.

I am a strong believer of the yesteryears music as they were true music with deeper meaningful lyrics touching melodically and poetically on every aspect of one’s lives journey. The soul touching music and compositions by the legendary music Directors involved intense fully-fledged orchestral arrangements with great musicians and amazing voices that touched every soul bringing a new meaning to people’s lives through their talent.

The Golden/ Retro period was simply called ‘Golden’, as every bit of music resonated with Purity, Maturity, and Unlimited Talent. The unspoken and unheard pain only brought out the magic to the Audience.


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