Purpose of my voice and future vision – Making a difference

Making a difference and touching the hearts and souls of the young and old through the medium of my voice and music.

From a very young age, I have been blessed with a voice for a purpose. I have pursued my musical journey by reviving and resonating into people ears the great melodies of the nostalgic era and giving tributes to the legends of Bollywood music artists, the birth and inspiration of my music career.

In an extremely challenging music industry due to political or favourable Media support, I see myself as an independent artist who will make a change and keep delivering my music to the public at large. I want to extend the colour of the nostalgic era into today music with the assistance of the amazing music Directors and song writers. Combining the great meaningful lyrics, music and my melodious voice are the essential ingredients to make great music for the fulfilment of every listener and lover of music.

Through my music, I hope I can take you to a journey of inner peace and happiness touching your hearts and minds- and Making a difference as it is my soulful purpose to do so.


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