She was born in Karnataka and brought up in Mumbai (India) in a loving supportive and united family with 2 siblings. Even when she was an infant, family friends used to deliberately make her cry to hear her sweet sounds as to them her cries sounded pure, crisp and harmonious…well that is what they say. Her mother knew that she was a special little girl with talent and nurtured her with love, care and devotion. As she grew older, at the age of 5 , her cries transformed into a melodical voice that attracted many people in the neighbourhood to sit down and listen to her when she sang. She was a shy girl nevertheless, but when she sang, it was like she was transformed into a free flying bright coloured bird flying and chirping in happiness. We knew that Radhika Rao was born and destined to sing and perform to the world.

At 5 Years of age, RADHIKA began her Hindustani and Carnatic classical training under the wellknown classical music Gurus Natya Sangeet meastro Shri Prakash Ghangrekar and Smt Bhayateshwaran . She underwent extensive coaching for 8 consequetive years building her foundations and mastering classical music.

Radhika walked the talk of others through her amazing voice where she became a well sorted after artist at the age of 14 years of age. She participated on stage locally and abroad along side many imminent film artists and performers winning the hearts and loved by all people alike who watched and listened to her perform.

Radhika at this point of time of her early career was ready to extend her talent and focus on her creativity. She progressed her singing talent to the next level lending her voice to the playback singing for the movies.

Radhika worked in some of the blockbusters Hindi and Regional movies and sang in number of languages including Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu. Tamil, Assami. Nepali, Punjabi, Gujratri, Rajastani ,Konkani and others. She was honoured and privileged to work alongside the great legends and popular artists such as The Legend Kannada Actor /Singer Dr Rajkumar , Director K.Raghavendra Rao, Singer SP Balasubramanium, Most popular Kannada Actor /Director Upendra , Music director MM Keervani, Music director Humsalekha Music director Raam Laxman, Rajshri productions and others alike.

Radhika claimed her super hit songs and the Blockbuster movies in – Hum Saath Saath Hai, (Hindi blockbuster) Upendra, Om, A (kannada blockbuster) Bombai Priyudu (Telugu Blockbuster), Khatarnaak (Marathi blockbuster) and many others fims and albums.

Loosing her father at such an early stage of her career and at a young age only added more challenges she had to face. She was very close to her father as he was her motivator as well as a loving father. He was her pillar of support and gave her all the encouragement needed for her to pursue what she loves and born to do. She continues on her journey to her path with more passion and determination knowing her father is watching and guiding her from above.

Radhika’s fame and destiny was cut short in India as she had to travel to Australia due to the loss of her older sister.

Radhika’s love of music and her journey in life made her stronger and more determined. She wants every one to hear the purity, the beauty and the soulfulness of her voice in the hope to make a difference to people.

Today Radhika Rao is residing in Australia. Radhika is a courteous, diligent, , caring, in tune with the world and nature and generous. She is admired, respected and loved by her fans who are captivated by her beautiful nostalgic voice/music and music video clips through social media. She is the social media girl all the way making big. Her journey to Stardom has just begun…………

“Music heals all my pain and restores my smile so precious”


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